Immerse yourself in the romance and beauty of England’s smallest county – Rutland – on your wedding day.

If you’re looking for the ideal venue, the perfect engagement ring and a stylish wedding reception, look no further; Rutland has a huge variety of wedding venues and services on offer.

As signs of Spring start to appear all around us, what better time to get out and get to know our beautiful county again? Rutland is a walker’s paradise with public footpaths, shared access routes and so much to see along the way. And as we don’t have any mountains or rough terrain to speak of, it’s accessible for all ages and abilities, too.

Read on for our guide to the best spring walks Rutland has to offer.

We are a nation of gardeners, but the biggest struggle can sometimes be knowing what to plant where, and when! Along with experts across the country who can help you to landscape and design your gorgeous gardens, we’ve rounded up the best garden nurseries in Rutland so you can have the pick of the crop.

From 12th April we will be able to stay in self-contained accomodation in England as lockdown restrictions ease. We invite you to our beautiful county of Rutland to stay in one of 5 beautiful cosy cottages which are set up and ready to go for your staycation.

Rutland’s long history has been entwined with horses for as long as anyone can remember; you only have to see the number of decorative horseshoes that adorn the walls of the medieval Oakham Castle to know that the two are inextricably linked.

Ever wondered where your favourite pub, restaurant or hotel got its name? Or how the street names came into being? What about some of those strange sounding village names? Read on to discover the stories behind some of Rutland’s place names. Let’s start with ‘Rutland’…