International viewers of The Crown on Netflix have been happily bingeing Season 4 during lockdown and have been wondering where it is filmed? Many a sharp eye may have spotted some of the stunning interiors of Burghley House.


Discover Rutland is a not-for-profit Destination Management Organisation (DMO) that exists to promote Rutland as a tourist destination, not only to people outside the county but those within it too.
We are made up of a team of volunteers who live and run businesses in the county and who dedicate their time to ensuring it is represented fully on a national and local scale.

There’s something tremendously healing about trees; spending time in woods and forests can create a wonderful sense of calm and serenity. What better way to relax and unwind than going back to basics, playing games and following nature trails through some of the region’s ancient woodlands. Enjoyable whatever the weather; if it rains, just throw on your sou’wester and jump in the puddles!