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    The story of Blue Aurora begins at Lutton Farm; a family run farm, just outside the picturesque town of Oundle. The Long family have been farming here since 1960. What was once a livestock and arable farm with a small 3ha pick your own fruit farm, is now a thriving commercial soft fruit farm.

    Over 45ha of the farm is now dedicated to growing blueberries, with over 500 tonnes picked each year. Through the grading process this produces between 15-20% “waste”. The waste is often fruit that is either slightly too small or too soft for the supermarkets, but otherwise it is still great quality, great tasting fruit! This therefore got the farm thinking; what can we do to prevent this wonderful fruit going to waste!?

    In November 2018, 3 tonnes of frozen blueberries were sent to a winery to begin experimenting with. It turns out that blueberries behave very similar to grapes! Now approaching September 2020, we are thrilled to launch our latest range of Blue Aurora, English blueberry wine – Dusk, Midnight and Ice. All purely and simply made from 100% English blueberries.

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