Gladwells Rutland

23 Mill Street, Oakham, LE15 6EA


    Gladwell & Patterson is an internationally renowned London gallery with a proud history that can be traced back to the mid-18th century. In 2020 ‘Gladwells Rutland’ opened on Oakham’s Mill Street, a country gallery to complement the London business, offering an exquisitely curated selection of paintings and sculpture, enhanced by beautiful furniture and treasures.  

    Our focus is on fine oil paintings, watercolours and sculpture; from 19th- and 20th-century works to landscapes and portraits by leading artists practicing today. The gallery deals only in works of art of the highest quality and condition and publishes five catalogues each year.

    Whether buying a work from its present owner or placing it in a new home, Anthony and his colleagues rely on their expertise. “We never buy anything unless we like it, and we have touched it,” explains Anthony. His passion for pictures is an indicator as to why three or four generations of some families have come to Gladwell & Patterson for works of art. The same tradition is enjoyed in his own family. Anthony’s son, Glenn, and daughter, Cory, have taken the baton from their father and, together with the gallery team, helped to write the latest chapter in the firm’s history in opening of the Beauchamp Place gallery last spring.

    The founding principles of Gladwell & Patterson are trust, integrity, quality and, of course, a discerning love of art. All of our transactions reflect these values. We strive to create a blend of old and new, a balance that maintains the standards of yesteryear while embracing the excitement and pleasure of building an art collection today. We endeavour to guide and assist our clients at each step, from their first viewing of a picture in our galleries to finally appreciating it on their own walls.

    The gallery is home to all aspects of art collecting. We continue to provide “an after sales care” in the form of cleaning and restoring oil paintings and water colours together with an antique framing service utilizing our superb stock of hand carved moulds, some over two hundred years old, to present your pictures to their full potential.

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