Normanton Church

Normanton Car Park, South Shore, Rutland Wate, Edith Westo, Rutland, LE15 8HD, United Kingdom


Rutland’s most famous landmark was saved from flooding when Rutland Water was created in the 1970s. Now with the floor raised almost half way up the church, it is a fascinating building with a unique history.

Normanton Church has become a stunning location for civil weddings, corporate meetings and musical concerts . It is only open to the public during certain events, but you do not have to go inside to marvel at this beautiful building and its surroundings.

You can get a great view of the church with a cruise on the Rutland Belle from Whitwell, as the church is an optional departing point for passengers.

Opening Times

Date From: 01/01/2011

Contact Details

Tel (1): 01780 686800

Email: [email protected]


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