The Rutland Church Trail


    Welcome to the Rutland Church Trail: A guide to 15 churches in the County of Rutland

    View the pdf of the trail here.

    Churches have been places of Christian worship since Anglo Saxon times and reflected in these important community buildings can be seen centuries of culture, patronage, politics and local building materials from a particular area.

    Dr Hoskins, in his Small Guide to Rutland, says “no other county in England surpasses Rutland for unspoiled, quiet charm… they say the best things come in the smallest parcels”. Rutland is, indeed, very small and yet, dotted around its unspoiled countryside, rural towns and villages, Rutland possesses a large number of impressive limestone-built churches.

    We hope that you will enjoy visiting our rich and timeless heritage and share in the witness that continues to this day.

    *Please note that this trail was written many years ago, and details may have changed.