The Vitruvian Triathlon


    A classic middle distance triathlon returns to Rutland in 2022.

    The event is under new ownership with an experienced team at the helm.

    An absolute must do event on the calendar at one of the countries premiere event venues.

    Swim 1.2miles/1.9km, Bike 52 miles/84km, Run 13.1 miles/21km.

    Becoming a Vitruvian is a special achievement. The hours of dedication before you even reach the start line is something few people understand. Race day, becoming a Vitruvian, is a celebration of that effort. We understand that the hard work is done before we welcome you to Rutland. We see our event as a way to celebrate your fortitude, perseverance and strength by inviting you into the exclusive club for those who can call themselves a Vitruvian.



    Vitruvian Entry £139 to £139

    Opening Times

    Date From: 11/09/2022

    Date To: 11/09/2022

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