Rutland Water Park Map

    Rutland Water – Playground of the East Midlands

    Rutland Water boasts one of the largest man made lakes in Europe, and the largest in England (by surface area). Set in over 3,000 acres of beautiful rolling countryside there are plenty of activities that can be found around and on the lake for families, couples and individuals wishing to explore.

    Water Sports, Nature Reserves, Outdoor Adventure Centre, Cycling & Walking Facilities

    You will find everything from walking, to cycling, to sailing, to fishing, and so much more. Look out for the Rutland Belle, which you may spot taking visitors on tours across the water from April until the end of October.

    Perhaps one of the most popular features of Rutland Water is Normanton Church which was saved from demolition back in 1970 when plans were outlined to flood the area to create the Rutland Water we have come to know and love today. The church now sits safely on a new level of rubble topped with concrete above water level, on its own peninsular. It is a spectacular sight to behold, and creates a picture perfect backdrop for your Rutland selfie.

    Come rain or shine Rutland Water offers a plethora of things to do, so why don’t you plan your next break or day out to one of England’s finest landmarks.