Useful Info For Your Visit

    Visiting Rutland Water

    There are 3 main car parks tailored to different experiences, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Each has public toilet facilities and seasonal refreshment (Whitwell and Normanton cafe’s are open all year round);

    Whitwell – for action packed activities (LE15 8BL)

    Sykes Lane, Empingham – for kids fun (LE15 8QL)

    • Mini Golf | adventure playground | Rutland Sanctuary Zoo | summer beach (opens 25th June for 2022) | off lead dog walking area

    Normanton – for fishing & to see the iconic church (LE15 8HD)

    Additionally there is Barnsdale – a relaxing spot with great views, closed in winter (LE15  8AB) and the Rutland Water Nature Reserve at Egleton (LE15 8BT) & Lyndon (LE15 8RN) which operate a separate parking system.

    If you’re planning on walking or cycling between the sites here are some key distances;

    • Barnsdale – Whitwell = 1 mile
    • Whitwell – Sykes Lane = 1.5 miles
    • Sykes Lane – Normanton = 2.3 miles
    • Hambleton Peninsula circuit = 5 miles

    Rutland Water Parking & Opening Information

    The Rutland Water car parks have a barrier ticket system, 2022/23 prices are:

    Up to 15 minutes No charge
    Up to 1 hour £1.90
    Up to 3 hours £4.00
    Up to 5 hours £8.00
    Over 5 hours £10.00

    Annual pass £60 (includes access to Anglian Water car parks at Rutland , Alton, Grafham and more)

    Parking for Motorhomes: The barriers at park entrances allow for the additional height of motorhomes, so you shouldn’t experience any difficulties entering and exiting our car parks. Please observe the car parking charges which are equal for motorhomes.

    Please be aware of the car park closing times as overnight parking is not permitted.

    Rutland Water Park is open every day except Christmas Day and most attractions and activities are available every day from Good Friday until 31st October, when reduced hours are advertised. Barnsdale car park is closed 1st November to 1st March but all others are open throughout the year. Site closing times are advertised at car park entrances – a guideline would suggest between 9am and dusk. Please contact any Anglian Water Visitor Centre for more information. Vehicles that remain in the car park after closing time will be locked on site until the following morning.

    No Drone Flying at Rutland Water: Please note that under NO circumstances are drones permitted to fly recreationally on or around Rutland Water. There are many reasons for this, but the main one being that the site includes protected SSSI, SPA and RAMSAR conservation and preservation land.

    Dogs: are welcome at all the Rutland Water Park sites, excluding the nature reserve areas at Egleton and Lyndon. Please note that they must be kept on a lead and are not permitted in the water. There is a designated dog walking area at Sykes Lane and Barnsdale car parks where they can run free in a secure area, as long as you clean up after them.

    BBQ’s: Rutland Water Park allows BBQ’s on site, excluding the nature reserve areas at Egleton and Lyndon, but only BBQ’s that do not leave a mark or scorch the grass. Disposable BBQ’s are only permitted on the metal stands provided. The rule is, as long as there is no trace of the BBQ after you have left, and you have cold water available for safety, then it’s fine.

    For further information about Rutland Water and to enquire about the money saving Anglian Water Activity Pass, contact the Visitor Centre at Sykes Lane, Empingham; Tel: 01780 686800 or email [email protected] or visit