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Rutland Tourism Data from STEAM

Discover Rutland has been tracking tourism data using STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) since 2008. The latest results for 2022 data were received in 2023 and can be seen below. 2020 and 2021 results were badly due to the covid pandemic.

> Economic impact of tourism in Rutland in 2022: £149.51 million (up 41.9% on 2021, up 5% on 2019 pre-covid)
> Visitor numbers in Rutland in 2022: 1.51 million (up 14.7% on 2021, down 19% on 2019 pre-covid)
> Employment supported by tourism in Rutland (full time equivalent): 1,574 (up 30.9% on 2021, down 11% on 2019 pre-covid)

Download the Rutland 2022 STEAM report pdf here

STEAM is derived from a model and provides Local, Regional and National Governments in the UK and Internationally with timely estimates of the monthly and annual value, volume and impact of tourism in specified areas.

Business Surveys

Rutland is part of the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership who undertook a business survey within the Hospitality sector in March 2021. You can view the results on the links below.

Full Greater Lincolnshire survey results  | Rutland specific survey results 

Rutland Tourism Strategy 2020 – 2025

There is a five year tourism strategy which was written by the Discover Rutland Tourism Committee in partnership with Rutland County Council, to lead the work of Discover Rutland.

Discover Rutland Tourism Strategy 2020-2025

Relevant documents;

The UK Governments Tourism Action Plan

Published in August 2016, after the Brexit decision, the governments tourism action plan sees the implementation of more ‘common sense’ regulation, which allows B&B proprietors to collect guests from the stations, provide a free bottle of wine in a welcome pack without the previously required licenses.


You can also find Rutland specific data on Rutland County Councils webpage County Facts & Figures

VisitBritain Tools

There is a lot of research and support available from VisitBritain if you know where to look;

A great place to start is their Industry Advice and Resources page and their Business Advice Hub

View data from the Great Britain Tourism Survey and the Great Britain Day Visits Survey

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