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    The closure of Exton Park Ironstone Quarry in Rutland in 1973 left the giant W1400 walking dragline “SUNDEW” without any work to do. Ironstone quarrying was still continuing in the quarries that supplied Corby Steelworks and there was a need for a large dragline to help work the reserves at the Shotley quarry near Harringworth. Having considered the options of how to relocate SUNDEW to Shotley it came as a surprise when it was decided to walk this 1,675 ton machine across open country from Rutland to its new home – a distance of some 13 miles. An engineering feat on this scale had never been attempted before and its story will be the subject of a new exhibition at the museum running from Spring Bank Holiday Sunday until mid-October 2024. It is also hoped to re-create the Great Walk in miniature at the Museum starting at the  end of May and lasting until the end of August.


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    Date From: 31/05/2024

    Date To: 31/08/2024

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